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Have your say: Help us mapping existing initiatives in Skills and Education data

The Data Space for Skills (DS4Skills) project aims to prepare the groundwork for the development of a European Data Space for Skills that supports sharing and accessing skills data and all types of data relevant to education, employment, lifelong learning, guidance, etc.  

In order to achieve this goal, the DS4Skills consortium is conducting a survey to identify and analyze existing platforms and projects that collect, store, and share skills and education data across the public and private sectors. We need your help in mapping these initiatives across the EU by completing this survey ➡️  EUSurvey – Survey ( 

The survey aims to gather information from relevant stakeholders about the initiatives they are familiar with. The collected data will only be used for the purposes of the DS4Skills project and will be published and maintained to ensure the wide diffusion of relevant initiatives. It will also serve as a basis for contacting relevant people and organizations to participate in the building of the data space. 

🔎What are we looking for?

We are looking for initiatives, platforms and projects in which skills and education data are shared, collected, exchanged, and/or stored. The data may include information about skills, education, employment, educational profiles, personality, preferences, job offers, training opportunities, reskilling/upskilling, statistical information, research and innovation information, etc. Regardless of whether the initiative is in the public or private sector, national or international, or within one sector or cross-sectoral, we want to get to know them all! 

⚠️We are mapping initiatives from all EU countries, but we are particularly interested in hearing from initiatives in Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, and Romania, as we are currently missing representation from these countries. If you are aware of any relevant initiatives in these countries, we would greatly appreciate your input. 

We encourage all stakeholders to take a few minutes to complete the survey and contribute to the success of the DS4Skills project. Your input is essential in building a European Data Space for Skills that can support the sharing and accessing of skills data and other relevant data across various sectors. 

✏️ Fill out the survey: EUSurvey – Survey (

Thank you in advance for your participation and support.