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DS4Skills wraps up Blueprint consultation workshops with insights from experts

The DS4Skills project successfully concluded yesterday its third and final consultation workshop, where it engaged with more than 45 experts from diverse backgrounds. The consultations aimed to validate the Data Space for Skills Blueprint, one of the most important outcomes of the project.

These consultations held significant importance as they allowed the DS4Skills consortium to refine and consolidate the DS4Skills Blueprint. Furthermore, they exemplify the project’s commitment to having a human-centric and participatory approach, ensuring the blueprint’s relevance and effectiveness in the real world.

Here are the key takeaways from this collaborative effort:

  1. 🌐 Learning from a community of experts: DS4Skills had the privilege of learning from a community of experts, many of whom are actively involved in data space initiatives. Their insights shed light on the main challenges and obstacles associated with the identified building blocks, spanning technical, business and value, user experience, as well as legal and governance aspects.
  2. 📢 Valuable feedback on building blocks: These consultations provided invaluable feedback on the project’s building blocks. This feedback enabled DS4Skills to address critical questions and significantly advance in the creation of the blueprint.
  3. 🤝Alignment with the external expert community: Aligning with the external expert community is a significant achievement. This alignment not only enhances the understanding of future user needs but also helps assess potential barriers. By considering users and practitioners within the blueprint’s development process, DS4Skills reduces the likelihood of future failures. Additionally, this alignment serves as a means to disseminate knowledge about the DS4Skills project and its blueprint to targeted experts. These experts, in turn, can act as amplifiers, spreading awareness and understanding of the project and its valuable assets.


DS4Skills is gearing up to present its final work during a dedicated DS4Skills session at the upcoming European Big Data Value Forum in Valencia on the 25th of October. Be sure to register for this event to witness firsthand the latest developments in the European Data Space for Skills.

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