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DS4Skills Newsletter | What’s next for the future European Data Space for Skills?

Issue: July 2023

­čĺ╗ First steps for the Data Space for Skills Blueprint, workshops in Helsinki and Brussels, newly-awarded projects, and more…

These past months, the DS4Skills project has been working non-stop to bring key stakeholders┬átogether –┬áSMEs, HR Talent, corporate, academia, policymakers, and EU associations –┬áto discuss the future┬áof skills and education data.

­čîč And now, we’re thrilled to share all the insights we’ve gained with you.

Read the full newsletter to discover:
  • ­čîč Main recommendations for designing the future Data Space for skills.
  • ­čÜę Curated events and exclusive opportunities on #skillsdata and #dataspaces
  • ­čĹÇ A sneak peek of what’s next after the summer holidays!
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