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DS4Skills new Policy Brief provides key findings and recommendations for the Data Space for Skills Blueprint

DS4Skills just launched its new policy brief: “DS4Skills: Towards a Data Space for Skills Blueprint,” which provides valuable insights into developing data spaces for skills and offers recommendations for the Data Spaces Support Centre (DSSC). The policy brief is based on “The interim report on requirements and design approaches”, which conducted extensive research activities, stakeholder interviews and co-creation sessions involving 20 skills data initiatives. 

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📝 Key Themes and essential technical elements for Skills Data Spaces Development

The policy brief highlights seven key themes that emerged from the research analysis: A human-centric approach, semantic interoperability, essential technical elements, business models, the complexity of data ecosystems, readiness and growth strategy, and Innovative services and applications in skills data spaces.

The brief also introduces the essential technical elements required for the development of the Data Space for Skills. It identifies key building blocks such as interoperability, trust, data value, AI, and governance. The brief recommends specific standards and future building blocks for each category, emphasizing the importance of security, transparency, and ethical considerations.

🚀 Nine Conditions for Success Identified in Creating Blueprint for Skills Data Space

Based on the previous project work and interview data, the policy brief identifies nine conditions for success in creating the Blueprint for the Skills Data Space. These conditions include permission to experiment, cultivating champions, unity among smaller actors, broad awareness and recognition, renewal of legislative frameworks, public-private partnerships, collaboration on infrastructures and building blocks, interoperability, and the establishment of a trustworthy system.

💡 DS4Skills Policy Brief Provides Recommendations for the Data Spaces Support Centre

Finally, the policy brief provides several recommendations for the DSSC. The findings and recommendations presented provide valuable guidance for the development of data spaces, particularly in the skills data domain. With the support of the DSSC and relevant stakeholders, the blueprint for a Data Space for Skills will be able to foster innovation, collaboration, and value creation in the European data landscape.

Read more about the brief HERE