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DS4Skills and DSSC establish collaboration to improve Data Sharing

The Data Space for Skills (DS4Skills) project and the Data Spaces Support Centre (DSSC) have established a rulebook for collaboration to share key assets, activities, and events. The collaboration aims to bring together the efforts of both projects in order to improve the sharing and use of information related to education, training, and skills. 

The two projects will have regular exchanges of documents and information and will keep each other updated on their progress. They will also focus on important topics such as how to make sure different data spaces can efficiently work together and ensure clear and fair data-use rules. The collaboration is set to continue until September 2023, with the results of the partnership being published in a report at the end of the project. 

Read more about the collaboration ➡️ HERE 

About DS4Skills:  

Visit “About us” to find more information about the project.

About DSSC:  

The Data Spaces Support Centre (DSSC) is a support platform that promotes the establishment of shared data spaces and enables the reuse of data across different sectors. Launched in October 2022 and funded by the European Commission as part of the Digital Europe Programme, the DSSC accommodates data space initiatives of any maturity level and includes a knowledge base, a help desk, and various support services for stakeholders. 

For more information, visit the DS4Skills website at and the DSSC website at