7.4. RAM of the EU-Dune use case

The following picture shows how the reference architecture (RAM) could be implemented for the DUNE use case. The picture shows how the building blocks are combined and who operates which building block. All data providers and consumers connect via a data space connector to the data space.  In this use case, all participants use the same data intermediary (InfraTrust). However, the decentralised nature of the data space allows for multiple data intermediaries to be used as well as for participants to deploy the building blocks themselves.


Figure 14: Reference architecture plotted on the EU-Dune use case
Figure 14: Reference architecture plotted on the EU-Dune use case


  1. Matilda, navigating the EU-DUNE portal, encounters InfraTrust, a Personal Data Intermediary (PDI). Leveraging the capabilities of InfraTrust, she seamlessly authenticates and gains access to SkillProfiX. Within SkillProfiX, Matilda exercises her control by providing explicit consent to import pertinent data from her previous professional experiences. This interaction, facilitated by InfraTrust, ensures a secure and user-controlled flow of her data across the Skills Data Space.


Figure 15: EU-Dune use case scenario – Secure and user-controlled data flow

  1. Matilda, utilizing the capabilities of SkillProfiX, acts as both the end-user and a Data Provider. After SkillProfiX meticulously crafts her Skills Profile, she initiates a seamless data sharing process with SDAI to receive personalized training and learning recommendations. In this phase, SkillProfiX transforms into a Data Provider, offering valuable insights derived from Matilda’s skills assessment. InfraTrust ensures the secure and compliant transfer of this data, establishing a smooth and trustworthy connection within the Skills Data Space.


Figure 16: EU-Dune use case scenario – Sharing skills profile to get training and learning recommendations.

  1. In the next phase, Matilda, empowered by her Skills Profile from SkillProfiX, identifies a compelling training opportunity offered by IntelliAITraining. With her explicit consent, she shares her information through InfraTrust, enabling IntelliAITraining to seamlessly register her with all the pertinent details. Simultaneously, Francesco, as the orchestrator, receives comprehensive feedback regarding Matilda’s utilization of her training budget. Through the EU-DUNE portal, Francesco gains visibility into Matilda’s newly acquired skills, fostering informed decision-making and resource allocation within the Skills Data Space. InfraTrust ensures the secure flow of information, maintaining the integrity and privacy of Matilda’s data.


Figure 17: EU-Dune use case scenario – Registering and sharing profile to training organisation.

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