4.3. EU-Dune: Matilda’s Upskilling Use Case

Navigating the intricate world of a skill data space requires understanding of a comprehensive data space use case that synergises multiple functionalities for maximum efficacy. Through this section Matilda’s real use case will be introduced to exemplify this by seamlessly integrating the main usage scenarios we’ve outlined.

Serving as a vivid representation of our conceptual blueprint, this use case will also serve as a demonstration of the practical application of distinct blueprint elements in a cohesive manner. During the following sections of the report and through Matilda’s journey, stakeholders will be able to visualise how all these interconnected components can work in tandem to address real-world challenges, illustrating the power and potential of the data space in action.

4.3.1 Matilda’s journey #

Matilda, a seasoned UX designer at DigiFutUX, is keen on staying ahead of the curve in the fast-paced technological landscape. Her boss, Francesco, is supportive of her professional development and introduces her to the EU-DUNE skills data space use case. This portal, managed by SkillsFast on top of the Fire-X data space, is dedicated to digital upskilling for employees. Francesco grants Matilda a training budget to explore options on EU-DUNE, where she finds an array of services:

  • InfraTrust, a Personal Data Intermediary, to help her control and share her data.
  • SkillProfiX, a skills assessment tool to define her skills profile, next career move and skills gap.
  • SDAI, a skills AI tool to match her with relevant training recommendations.
  • These are all connected to the data space and notably to:
    • FindTraining and YourTraining, training marketplaces that list various training opportunities.
    • IntelliAITraininig, one of the training organisations listed in the YourTraining marketplace.

Matilda uses the system, imports data from her previous learning and professional experiences and is matched with one training of IntelliAITraining that she likes; provided through the YourTraining catalogue.

Anita, a sales representative at IntelliAITraining is using YourTraining to register the trainings of IntelliAITraining and receive profiles of interested people. Thanks to the interconnection EU-Dune brings, YourTraining can receive Matilda’s profile and notify Anita that there is one person interested in a training.

After they exchange, Matilda decides to enrol in the training and thanks to InfraTrust shares her full profile with IntelliAITraining’s LMS to register.

EU-Dune allowed to interconnect relevant profiles and opportunities thanks to the interconnection of several already existing and used systems and apps. This way, all stakeholders can use the apps and systems they already use and enhance them with functionalities and data coming from other systems. Without such a system, to achieve the same functionality SDAI would have had to develop a training marketplace such as YourTraining or Matilda would have had to manually type in and register her data into YourTraining to be matched with IntellIAITraining. This increases the cost and effort for all and reduces the efficacity of the upskilling process. The data space allows for seamless interconnections to achieve next generation digital services ecosystems. Objectives #

The overall goals the EU-Dune reskilling and upskilling use case aims to achieve are defined as follows:

As an individual (Matilda):

  • Facilitate lifelong learning by enabling a way for Matilda to continually upskill and reskill.
  • Enable personalised career development using precise skills assessments and career planning tools to help Matilda make informed choices.
  • Improve user autonomy and consent through giving Matilda full control over her own data, from who can see it to how it is used.

As an employer (Francesco, DigiFutUX):

  • Empower employers through equipping Francesco with the tools to support and understand the learning journeys of his employees.
  • Create alignment with organizational needs by making sure the skills developed by employees like Matilda are aligned with the strategic goals and immediate needs of the company.
  • Enable better tracking of how training budgets are spent and understanding of the ROI in terms of skills acquired or enhanced.

As a training organisation (IntelliAITraining):

  • Match training with precise profiles, according to their direct and real time needs.
  • Enhance training offerings by leveraging skills and needs data to tailor training courses more effectively.
  • Make informed choices about which courses to offer based on skills data and market demands.

As an edtech/hrtech (SDAI, SkillProfiX, YourTraining):

  • Promote their tools and their use.
  • Augment the tools with complementary data and services.
  • Enable access to data and profiles not present in the system to provide enhanced functionalities. Benefits #

These are some of the key advantages that the Matilda and other stakeholders may obtain from participating in this re-skilling and upskilling use case data ecosystem:

  • Matilda’s proactive approach to lifelong learning enriches her professionally, making her a valuable asset to any future team or project.
  • Matilda gains targeted upskilling, ensuring her professional development.
  • Francesco gains a versatile, evolving workforce that can better adapt to market changes.
  • Francesco can monitor how training budgets are allocated and the new skills acquired by his employees.
  • IntelliAITraining can fine-tune their course offerings based on real-time skills assessments and feedback.
  • IntelliAITraining, through Anita, can pinpoint and reach other interested candidates, thereby increasing enrolment.
  • SDAI, YourTraining, SkillProfiX augment their market reach. Functionality #

The system features integrated services for secure data management, skills assessment, and AI-powered training recommendations. Users can import their employment and educational history, which is then analysed against current market trends to identify skills gaps. With user consent, this data is securely shared with a training recommendation engine, which provides personalized training suggestions based on a broad range of training catalogues. Employers can allocate and manage training budgets, monitor the skills development of their workforce, and ensure alignment with organisational objectives, all within a secure and governed framework.

All the functionalities below are powered by the data space that allows real time access to data at the source.

Login and Data Import #

Matilda logs into EU-DUNE, which offers her several services including InfraTrust for data control, SkillProfiX for skills assessment, and SDAI for training matching.

With InfraTrust, she easily imports her professional data from various sources: her current HR system at DigiFutUX, her past employment records from UXlife, and her academic credentials from UXschool.

Skills Assessment with SkillProfiX #

SkillProfiX analyses Matilda’s skills data in comparison with the market needs, drawing from job boards like JobRightNow, Jobijob, and Jobo.

SkillProfiX uses this data to precisely assess her strengths and weaknesses against current UX skills and propose her the most interesting areas and skills to improve for her.

Training Recommendations with SDAI: #

Matilda consents to share her SkillProfiX assessment results with SDAI through InfraTrust.

SDAI, which also has access to training catalogues like FindTraining and YourTraining, generates a list of training programs tailored to Matilda’s needs.

Leads and profile management with YourTraining: #

Anita receives Matilda’s profile into her YourTraining account, sees what training has been matched and can contact her.

Choosing a Training Program #

Among the various training programs suggested, a course on AI in UX design offered by IntelliAITraining grabs her attention.

She sees it as a leap toward future proofing her skillset and decides to proceed.

She shares her contact details with YourTraining to appear to IntelliAITraining via InfraTrust.

Enrolment and Payment #

Anita from IntelliAITraining contacts Matilda to discuss the course. After a fruitful conversation, Matilda decides to enrol.

She then shares her complete profile with IntelliAITraining’s Learning Management System (LMS) for registration, facilitated by InfraTrust.

Francesco is notified through EU-DUNE that Matilda has utilised her training budget. He reviews the skills she is set to acquire and proceeds with payment.

Closing Loop #

All the service providers and the governance authority have business agreements with InfraTrust, which acts as the data intermediary, ensuring a secure and compliant data exchange.

Matilda’s successful enrolment not only serves her immediate upskilling needs but also sets a precedent for future learning opportunities, reinforcing the concept of lifelong learning within DigiFutUX Components #

These are some of the specific technological and data governance infrastructures (as defined in Chapter 7.4) that could enable the matching ecosystem to function:

  • InfraTrust (data interoperability & trust) provides a data cockpit for users to manage data sharing and consents and for organisations to control how their data is used.
  • SkillProfiX (data value creation) and SDAI offer AI-driven skills assessment and recommendation services.
  • SkillsFast orchestrates the whole use case, commercialises it and sets the business and governance rules.
  • Fire-X (data sovereignty and trust) sets the overall governance framework, including compliance and data standards as well as open-source building blocks to help the connections. Stakeholders and roles #

The primary entities involved in the ecosystem and the main different roles (as defined in chapter 6.3) they play are as follows:

  • Orchestrator: SkillsFast orchestrates the ecosystem, ensuring seamless coordination between different services and data providers as well as its commercialisation.
  • Service Providers: SkillProfiX and SDAI offer skills assessment and training recommendation services, respectively.
  • Data Providers:
    • Personal: SkillProfiX, DigiFutUX, UXlife, and UXschool provide Matilda’s skills data.
    • Organisational: JobRightNow, Jobijob, and Jobo provide job market data; FindTraining and YourTraining offer training catalogues.
  • End-Users:
    • Individual: Matilda (trainee), Francesco (employer), Anita (training sales representative).
    • Organisational: DigiFutUX (employer), IntelliAITraining (training provider).
  • Governance Authority: Fire-X sets and oversees the data space standards as well provides building blocks and certifies InfraTrust.
  • Data Intermediary: InfraTrust manages data flows and ensures compliance with Fire-X standards. Data interconnections #

In the Matilda use case, the data interconnections are intricately designed for optimal functionality:

Skills Assessment Tool to Job Boards: SkillProfiX accesses data from JobRightNow, Jobijob, and Jobo job boards to understand the current market demands and in-demand skill sets in UX design.

User to Skills Assessment Tool: Matilda uploads her career and educational history from DigiFutUX, UXlife, and UXschool into SkillProfiX for an assessment against current market demands.

Skills Assessment Tool to AI Training Recommendation Engine: With Matilda’s consent, SkillProfiX shares her skills data with SDAI to identify suitable training opportunities for her upskilling needs.

AI Training Recommendation Engine to Training Catalogues: SDAI consults these training catalogues to offer Matilda a range of personalized training options based on her skills gaps and career aspirations.

User to Training Providers: After selecting a training course, Matilda can share her details, via InfraTrust, with IntelliAITraining for enrolment.

User to Employer: Through EU-DUNE, Matilda’s skills assessment results and chosen training course are shared back to Francesco for approval, budget allocation, and career development planning.

Employer to Skills Assessment Tool: Francesco can also input organizational job roles and skill requirements into SkillProfiX to further tailor the platform’s recommendations for DigiFutUX’s workforce.

Training Providers to Employers: Upon Matilda’s completion of the training, IntelliAITraining could send back skill acquisition data to DigiFutUX for tracking and analysis.

Governance Authority to All: Fire-X, as the governance authority, ensures all these data exchanges occur under compliant and secure conditions thanks to the certification of the data intermediary.

Data Intermediary: Serving as the data intermediary, InfraTrust facilitates all these data connections, ensuring secure and compliant data exchanges among Matilda, Francesco, SkillProfiX, SDAI, and IntelliAITraining.
These interconnections allow for a secure, seamless, and highly functional ecosystem for lifelong upskilling and reskilling.

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