9.4. Acquisition strategy

To support this strategy, the growth and roll out plan should aim to attract following stakeholders to come and propose use cases:  

  1. National Employment Agencies: the use case can help them better forecast trainings and reskilling of unemployed people. 
  2. Edtevhs / LMS / Hrtechs: the use case will allow new markets and uses of their products. 
  3. Ministries and institutions: the use case will allow better policy decisions on learning and employment. 
  4. Big employers: the use case will allow better upskilling of employees, retain talents and recruitment. 
  5. Training orgs: the use case will allow better course design, better targeting, and sales of their offerings. 
  6. Infrastructure providers: the use case will allow large use of their data space products. 

This blueprint can be used by the DSGA to design precise marketing materials for each of these stakeholders and roles to attract them and foster the creation of use cases. Moreover, the EDGE-Skills project lead by Prometheus-X will be testing the data space with some small use cases which results can serve as examples to attract larger projects. 

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