3.2.4 Interaction model of the roles and levels of the data space

As is described in the previous sections, the data space model is one of complexity with different layers and roles interacting. 

Here’s a high-level model of the DS4Skills Blueprint data space model: 

  • The Data Space Governance Authority ensures trust, interoperability and decentralisation in the data space level: 
  • It does that by providing open-source building blocks (catalogue, interoperability, consent and contract management, etc) needed by the data space participants (service providers, data providers, orchestrators) to implement their data space use cases and data transactions while maintaining control over their data. 
  • It does that also by certifying trusted Data Intermediaries that operate these building blocks to offer it as a service to participants, this ensures high quality infrastructure services while not relying on only one provider only. 
  • Participants can also choose to operate the building blocks themselves, if so, they need to be certified as well. 
  • Data Space participants and data intermediaries can be part of the DSGA to decide on: which building blocks to develop, what certification criteria, etc. 

Here’s an illustration of this structure and these interactions: 

Figure 1: High level data space interaction model 

The Blueprint following chapters detail in more depth the possible use cases, the nature of the participants, the needed building blocks and overall governance and business models. 

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