3.2.1 Why the data space

Across the key strategic usage scenarios defined by DS4Skills (see “Usage Scenarios” Chapter), several ideas and functionalities are already implemented by innovative edtechs and hrtechs. One may ask, why the the data space is needed?

  • These functionalities need real time data about people, job and training offers. This data is today siloed and closed at each source (university, edtech, employers, institutions, etc).
  • The data space will allow direct access to data at their source.
  • The true innovation the data space brings is trust in a common protocol for organisations to connect their data bases so that innovative solutions can be developed on top, while they keep control of their data and can choose the solution they want.
  • Current solutions offer centralised approaches asking organisations and people to provide their data to one closed silo that they don’t control and to be used only by their solution.
  • The data space proposes to people and organisations to connect to one decentralised protocol to share data with any trusted solution without having to do new integrations each time.
  • This allows for a next generation of digital services that can access any available dataset and be interconnected.

In the following subsections, the EU-Dune use case description serves as a concrete fictional example to illustrate a data space use case and its value.

Then the two key strategic added-value use cases— MATCH, and FORECAST—are presented at a conceptual level. These outline potential generic scenarios that describe how a skills data space could create value through collaboration between one or more members of the data space use case. The usage scenarios presented are only generalisations not intended to be exhaustive and should not be limited to the different elements introduced in these examples. There could be a lot of other different objectives, benefits, functionalities, components, stakeholders and data interconnections in similar use cases beyond the ones listed here.

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