3.1.2 The Will of the Free

The Skills & Education Data Space, aims to provide actors in the field with an infrastructure that will allow them to share and exchange data as well as develop solutions, particularly AI-based ones.

By having access to all of an individual’s exercises, grades, interests, training and professional experience, an AI service will be able to analyse his or her strengths and weaknesses and recommend personalised choices in line with the opportunities and needs of the territory. This is also beneficial for organisations that could recruit more easily. However, this approach carries considerable risks – in addition to the security of personal data – particularly associated with the determinism induced by algorithms (systemic bias) on individuals.

Trustworthy AI is the only way to address both the need to use AI to exploit a large amount of data, and the need to frame its use by common rules. These general rules must on the one hand be specific to the education and skills sector by including the business principles of the domain (guidance for example in recommendation systems), and on the other hand be enacted by the person concerned himself (I must be able to decide what I want or not, and AI will increase the precision and strength of this choice).

The Skills & Education Data Space needs to empower people to control the AI and the recommendations they receive, not the other way around.

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