3.1.1 Human centricity

Human-centric principle strives for a fair, sustainable, and prosperous digital society (MyData Global Association), supported by design principles focused on user well-being: resilient, empowering, finite, inclusive, intentional, respectful, transparent (https://humanebydesign.com/principles/). These principles form a good basis for human centric business use cases development.

Skills data space use cases involve processing of personal data to make important  career recommendations and decisions. The DS4Skills Blueprint takes a firm stand in ensuring the respect of human-centricity principles across the data space. for creating value for people and societies, affecting business processes in relation with technical, governance and user experience contexts.

As demonstrated by the following figure, the human shall be at the centre of the entire data space use case.

Figure 2: Human-centric approach to skills data [SkillsData]

The DS4Skills Blueprint prioritizes individual participation, control, and benefit within and across data space use case(s). By involving individuals in data collection, sharing, and utilization processes, businesses can enhance the quality of insights, enrich engagement, and foster a sense of trust.

As the skills data is by its very nature personal, the MyData principles listed in the following table significantly impact how end users are able to utilize the data space at full empowerment as shown in the following figure [MyData-principles]

Figure 3: MyData principles [MyData-principles]



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