15. List of Figures

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Figure 1: Human-centric approach to skills data [SkillsData].
Figure 2: MyData principles [MyData-principles].
Figure 3: High-level data space interaction model.
Figure 4: Strategic value and pre-requisites usage scenarios of the skills & education data space.
Figure 5: Example of a real matching skills data ecosystem
Figure 6: Business model radar for the EU-DUNE use case
Figure 7: Data value chain tracker for the EU-DUNE use case: Data/Insights/Services/DS enabling services.
Figure 8: Data value chain tracker for the EU-DUNE use case: monetary.
Figure 9: Business Model Radar.
Figure 10: Individual end user’s journey in skills data space.
Figure 11: Service provider’s journey in skills data space.
Figure 12: High-level data space governance model.
Figure 13: The reference architecture of the skills data space.
Figure 14: Reference architecture plotted on the EU-Dune use case.
Figure 15: EU-Dune use case scenario – Secure and user-controlled data flow.
Figure 16: EU-Dune use case scenario – Sharing skills profile to get training and learning recommendations.
Figure 17: EU-Dune use case scenario – Registering and sharing profile to training organisation.
Figure 18: VisionsGalaxy, View of the Goal Setting Page.
Figure 19: VisionsGalaxy, View of the path for high school students.
Figure 20: VisionsGalaxy, interface of guided paths.
Figure 21: VisionsGalaxy, interface of proposed tools.
Figure 22: VisionsGalaxy, interface of consent.
Figure 23: VisionsGalaxy, interface of integrated matching.
Figure 24: VisionsGalaxy, interface of training.
Figure 25: VisionsGalaxy, interface of gamification.
Figure 26: Reliable Employee login page.
Figure 27: Reliable Employee account menu.
Figure 28: Reliable Employee language menu.
Figure 29: Reliable Employee profile view.
Figure 30: Reliable Employee consent request dialogue box.
Figure 31: Helsinki Permission Management Tool consent request view.
Figure 32: Helsinki Permission Management Tool consent details view.
Figure 33: Helsinki Permission Management Tool consent audit trail.
Figure 34: World Economy Forum definition of Digital Trust [WEF-DT].
Figure 35: End user attributes in an empowered employment service [SkillsData].
Figure 36: End user expectations in an empowered employment service [SkillsData].

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